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Hello all,

I thought we could use this thread to share promotions that worked well for us.

We have really had a lot of success with our Uptime Kit promotion this quarter.  We have offered them at 10% off and our customers have responded well.  Some customers did not know what the Uptime Kits were until we found a better way to display the kits and what is included in the kits.  I have attached a picture of our display.

Hope y'all find this helpful.


Courtney Minges
Ditch Witch of Central Texas, Inc.

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Hi Courtney,

Thank you for sharing the success you've had with an UpTime Kit promotion. Hopefully that will give others a promotion idea.


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That is a great idea for a display. We ordered a lot of uptime kits in for our parts blitz, but don't have one open for the customer to see it's contents, until now! Thanks for sharing.

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This may not be a 'promotion' but it is a way we use to promote our dealership.  We had these tri-fold brochures made up for our salesmen when the are prospecting.  A large number of potential customers in our territory are from out of state and we wanted something to leave behind to remind them of who we are and what we have to offer as a Ditch Witch dealership.

We had clear stickers printed up with each salesmen's info to put in the space above the address.  We will be updating the brochure with the new Utiliguard locators.

Just an idea...

Jason Heen
Ditch Witch of North Dakota

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Thank you for sharing Jason!

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Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 1.34.39 PM.png 
The new SK850 banner sparked interest with three customers on the first day.  We are also using the flyers with our sales force and it sells the SK850 by itself!
Great marketing tool.

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Thank you, Koy! I'm glad you are seeing results from it. 

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