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I would like to share a winter promotion we did at our dealership that we felt was very successful.

Our special was set up to get more walk behind trenchers into our service department.  We set up an aggressive special that brought 14 machines into our shop. 

The special was $49.99 to have the engine oil and filter changed and a full inspection.  We then reported the results of the inspection to the customer and 13 of the 14 units the customers approved the extra repairs.  $1250.00 was the average repair cost on these units. 

We felt it was a big success because most of the units would never came to our shop for the repairs.  Either the customer would have done the repairs or had one of there local repair shops do the work.

Below is the fly we sent out to the customers.

2014 Winter service special.jpg

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We just completed a winter service promotion at our 5 locations.  Below is a copy of the piece we mail to about 300 customers.  The customer base is primarily utility contractors who own drills, vac's and large trenchers.  We always seem to have a good group of customers taking advantage of this during the slower months.


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