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Just want to share what we tried out with an e-mail service here in Sweden. The e-mail service holds some 17 000 addresses to construction companies in Sweden. We put together material for e-mail campaigns for FX20 on trailer, PB30, 130mm CATAMOUNT, ad about JT5/JT9/JT20 targeting FTTH installation companies.

We had each Campaign to be sent out twice, with seven Days between the mailings. The greatest success was with the FX20 which managed to attract 10 customers where 3 have bought so far. We sent out the same Campaign a second time also with good respons which has generated some 4 demos with quotations as a result also here.

The usage of e-mail campaigns like this is something we will continue to use during 2015 thanks to the positive result compared to traditional advertising in Magazines.

Please see our e-mail advertise that we made, together with the pdf in local language together with the video.

Hope it can give some ideas and inspiration.


Björn Sawe, JLM

pdf Dealer Marketing Web Forum JLM FX20 e-mail campaign 2014.pdf      

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