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Curious to know what everyone else is seeing in terms of competitive marketing efforts in their areas. Vermeer is hitting it pretty hard. They have advertising in pretty much every publication our people might look at and make bold claims (albeit slightly exaggerated ones.)

Does it make sense for us to use this thread to upload competitive ads we see? Might help us all to get ideas, get a feel for the competition's strategies, etc.


Vermeer Ad.jpg

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Hi Christopher,

I would love for dealers to post what they're seeing from the competition. It would definitely help on the creation of marketing tools.

Thank you for adding this topic.


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Which publication did this Vermeer ad appear? I am sure they are running similar ads here in the United States.

I have seen push for their Navigator Nation website - almost a carbon copy of Ditch Witch's "My Ditch Witch Drilled It" initiative. 

I think this is a great thread and will make a point to collect some competitive ads.

Michelle Nunnally
Ditch Witch of Virginia

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The Vermeer ad above was in Trenchless Australasia. I've seen it in two slightly different flavours now.

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Saw this in Hire & Rental Australia.

Vermeer's selling points on these (here) are:

1. Can be setup on a trailer with 2 or 3 attachments at under 2000kgs (4,400lbs) which is a critical cut over for towing with a normal vehicle here.
2. Is much shorter and therefore more maneuverable in the smaller yards we have here.

Vermeer S450TX.jpg

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Here's another Vermeer ad, this time for their vacuum excavator range.

The only comment I have is that they stake out a strong position as "...the leader in non-destructive digging." It's an unverifiable statement, but I think its an effective one. It puts us in a position where we have to refute it.


PS: 500-11000 litres is 130-3000 gallons for the metrically challenged.

Vermeer Vacuum.jpg

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Got a slew out of Trenchless Australasia today:

1. My personal favorite, featuring the UT9000.

Access Detection 14-04-14.jpg 

2. Metrotech's offering
Vivax 14-04-14.jpg 

3. Melfred Borzall: I'm thinking "Rock-it, Rock-it, then Rock-it some more with a REAL rock drill, the Ditch Witch All Terrain."
Melfred Mud Motor 14-04-14.jpg 
4. Hunting: Simple bold message.
Hunting 14-04-14.jpg 

5. Toro: This is crying out for "Ditch Witch was there day 1."
Toro 14-04-14.jpg 

6. TT
TT 14-04-14.jpg 

7. Vermeer Vacuum: This one looks like it was done by the local Vermeer dealer rather than corporate. Not sure.
Vermeer Vacuum 14-04-14.jpg

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I read this feature on the new vermeer hole hammer and hope our customers question the same thing I did.  These moles are being marketed as Vermeer by McLaughlin.  If it wasn't clear to see that Vermeer continues to not make their own products, it should be more clear now and something we can remind our customers that we engineer and build our own products.

Thinking the next email reminder can include HammerHead by HammerHead.

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Vermeer landed a load of D9x13S3s in the country at the end of last year to get in on the NBN (FTTH) lead in business. The feedback we are getting is that most lead in work is being done with more inexpensive tools (plows, trenchers, moles, etc.) We've had some customers successful employing the JT5 for that work, but it's limited.

Good ad with a strong statement: "The New Leader in Lead-Ins"

Vermeer 9x13S3 Leader in Lead-Ins.png 

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