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At Ditch Witch of Minnesota, Inc. we place a large part of our marketing funds into print ads. As instructed with the launch of the new Dealer Marketing website, we have made the change to using the pre-designed advertising formats. After implementing all of the new ads I have to say I am left wanting a little more. This is mainly due to the fact that these new advertisements showcase very little for the individual dealers, who are themselves funding the ad. I would like to propose being given the option to add a little more freedom to customize the advertisements as to tailor the individual dealers needs for targeting their desired markets. 

For example: Ditch Witch of Minnesota, Inc. just paid the extra money to get the back cover, in color, for our local Rural Electrical Association, which looks like this: 
I think the advertisement looks very nice however there is a lot of empty space with literally only two small spots for dealer customization. No addresses, no emails, no spots to showcase what else we have to offer.

Then there is this ad for our direct competition just down the road. RDO decided to go with only a quarter page ad however this ad showcases the dealer more appropriately than ours. 


Thoughts? Ideas?
Am I just missing something?

Thanks guys!
Danielle Truax - Marketing Coordinator
Ditch Witch of Minnesota, Inc.

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Thank you for your comments. I do understand your concern and want you to know that templates are being worked on for the site. They are not yet available because we (marketing, safety, and legal) have to figure out that balance between what a dealer states in materials and if it is representing the Ditch Witch products appropriately. 

Thank you again!
Michelle Williams

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I completely agree with Danielle. We need to have more options regarding all aspects of marketing. I'd like to have the option of choosing which pictures/models go on each banner. It would be great to have options for ads that are specific to several segments-Electric Coops, Telephone, Plumbing, Rental, Landscape, Etc. I'm fine with CMW coming up with the wording on each.  Thanks, Michelle, for your help!
Becke Medlin, Ditch Witch Sales, Ditch Witch of Florida

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I really like the idea of being able to "personalize" the literature as well.  Offering more white space for multiple branch info as well as the ability to choose the photos (possibly from a predetermined selection on the site) would help the documents be even greater marketing tools! 

Thank you,
Tania Di Iorio
Ditch Witch Mid-States
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